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  1. Ryan says:

    Dear Owners.

    I am writing to ask if you have any availability to stock a few garments from a local source? The name is Unestablished and I’m looking for exposure so that I don’t have stock sitting in a bedroom trying to sell through friends and family.

    If you do not have space or simply don’t want to help that is of course ok but if i could even just bring a few things in and take some pictures of them hanging in the shop for my portfolio would you be fine with that?

    • wahooclo-admin says:

      Hi Ryan
      It would be good to see what you have been doing. Unfortunately we aren’t looking for new brands at the moment, but by all means pop in with your portfolio.
      cheers Ric – Wahoo

  2. Elise says:

    I writing to ask if you would be able to hook me up with some free stickers? I’d be super stoked if you could, if not thanks anyway. But I’ll leave my address and if you would be able to I would really appreciate it 🙂
    Thanks, Elise

    Elise Dickson
    Leys of Cossans
    Forfar, Angus, DD8 1QX
    United Kingdom, Scotland 

  3. Susan cattermole says:

    . Do you sell gift vouchers. If you do, how do you go about buying them. Do I have to come to the shop
    Susan cattermole

    • wahooclo-admin says:

      Hi Susie
      Yes please pop in to the shop for the gift vouchers. These can only be used in the shop at the moment. Please note that the website only shows a selection of what we have available instore.
      cheers Ric- Wahoo

  4. Deborah says:

    Hi wahoo,

    I’m coming into Ipswich on Friday, if possible could you keep the ladies white fox vest for me until then please?


    • wahooclo-admin says:

      Hi Deborah
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you… I hope we managed to sort you out when you came in though!
      cheers Wahoo

      • Jack wallis says:

        Hi would you be able to keep the scooter that’s in display with the oil slick deck and could you tell me what the price is of the same scooter

        • wahooclo-admin says:

          Hi Jack
          The Scooter that’s in the window at the moment is the Blazer Pro Titan which is £180. Its an awesome scooter! We can only keep it on hold for 24 hours without a deposit. However if you would like to pop in and put a deposit down we could hold it until the 13th May.
          Hope that helps.
          Cheers Ric – Wahoo

        • wahooclo-admin says:

          Hi Jack
          Just an update, I have now taken a deposit from someone else for the Titan but I can get another one in for the 13th. So if you want to reserve it let me know.
          cheers Ric

  5. Jack w says:

    Hi I’m writing this letter to ask if I come to the shop in Ipswich on the 13th of May and I wanted to ask if I could buy a scooter in the window with the oil slick deck or if it’s brought don’t worry just get back and tell me if I can and if it’s taken or not and can I ask how much the scooter costs your sincerely Jack wallis

  6. KLOS Sandra says:

    Hello i want to buy Shroom Globe shirt please but i can’t make my order , i am from paris thank you can buy it ? thank you

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